Easter Egg Colors - Wonderful Handmade Wednesday on Indiemade - March 23, 2016


Easter Sunday is almost on us, coming fairly early this year.  In celebration of Easter, I decided to base this Wonderful Handmade Wednesday post on the glorious colors of Easter eggs, since there will be millions dyed, hunted and rolled come Sunday.  There is an old Latin proverb:  "Omne vivum ex ovo," which means "all life comes from an egg."  Many ancient cultures the world over believed the whole universe was created from an egg, the egg an important symbol of life.  Before Christianity, eggs were revered by pagans as a symbols of fertility and resurrection and played important roles in their return-of-spring celebrations.  Christians used Easter eggs (which started to be painted around the 13th century) to represent Jesus’ emergence from the tomb and his resurrection.  However, many scholars point out that ancient Persians painted eggs for Nowrooz, their New Year celebration falling on the Spring Equinox, a tradition that continues to this day and was picked up by cultures and religions around the world. 

Mother's Day Countdown - Handmade Gifts, Week 3


The third week of "Mother's Day Countdown 2016" has come and gone, leaving in its wake many handmade goodies.  Julie and Blu of BlueMorningExpressions / polymerclaybeads are hosting the Countdown on their BluPrint blog, a tradition in its 4th year.  Since Mother's Day will be here before you know it, now is the perfect time to start thinking about your Mom's gift(s).  Browse the handmade shares for this week - many are, by the way, one of a kind creations - visit the shops of the artists featured and buy Mom a beauty that was handmade from the heart.   There is something in this beautiful Countdown collection for even the pickiest Mom!

New One of a Kind, Handmade Jewelry by Shadow Dog Designs

The last two weeks have been busy making, photographing and listing new handmade jewelry in my Shadow Dog Designs shop.  The earrings and necklaces are unique, each a one of a kind designs so you can rest assured you are the only person in the entire universe with a particular piece!  Some designs are boho, some are elegant . . . and all fun.  I hope you enjoy browsing the new designs - and three older designs to make an even 10 showcase.  If something piques your interest and you want to see more photos and a more detailed description, please click the live link below each photo and you will be taken to the individual listing.

Purple is Perfect for Spring - Wonderful Handmade Wednesday on Indiemade



Over the centuries, purple has been regarded as the color of royalty and is also thought of as a color of creativity.  It also has a softer side being one of the first colors of spring that pops up in its many hues and shades on flowers.  It is near the top of my list of favorite colors, as are the two colors that combine to make purple.  Many, many people, especially women according to research, have a passion for the color purple, and I can see why with its oh-so-rich color!  I decided to do a bit of research about the color purple and share a bit of what I found.  And, also shared, are beautiful handmade artisan creations featuring purples.

Mother's Day Countdown - Handmade and Vintage Gifts, Week 2


The second week of the "Mother's Day Countdown 2016" has come and gone.  Hosted by Julie and Blu of BlueMorningExpressions on their BluPrint blog, handmade and vintage gift ideas are shared to make Mother's Day shopping extra easy.  Since Mother's Day will be here before you know it, now is the perfect time to start thinking about, and even purchasing, your Mum's gift(s).  Browse the handmade and vintage shares for this week and visit the shops of the artists featured for even more lovelies that will be perfect for even the pickiest of Moms!  

The Wearing of the Green - Wonderful Handmade Wednesday on Indiemade


Since my family has a LOT of Scots Irish in them, I grew up listening to Irish ballads and bagpipe music.  St. Patrick's Day has always been a favorite celebration (although no watered down green beer for us - had to do it right with Guinness Stout!).  St. Patrick's Day was also celebrated as the start of the spring planting season for gardens and flower beds. Since Ireland is supposed to have forty shades of green, the start of planting season always seemed very appropriate.

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