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Fun in the Hot Hot Sun - Make it an Artisan Handmade Summer



The official start of summer will soon be here.  I takes place at 8:57 a.m. on June 21 here in El Paso, where the day will be 4 hours and 9 minutes longer than on the shortest day in December.  To celebrate the hot, hot summer days, I asked artist friends to share two items that represent “hot summer fun” - something with hot colors, a beach or tropical theme or the like.  Some items shared are more on the blazing summer side and some represent a more mellow, cool summer.  However, ALL are artisan handmade / designed and many are one of a kind pieces.  So if something catches your eye on this Fun in the Hot Hot Sun - Make It an Artisan Handmade Summer blog, please click the photo or the link below the photo for more information and pictures of the individual item.  Hopefully one or more will make it into your shopping basket - treat yourself or someone else to a unique artisan beauty!  And remember: SHOP SMALL and SHOP HANDMADE!




Fun in the Sun - Artisan Handmade Summer




If you would like to participate, share two of your favorite "Fun in the Sun" summery items to the InLinkz below.   If you do share, promote all items on at least two social media sites.  AND do the same for the blog I'll pull together featuring your items by the end of next week.  Please tag with #SummerFun if you tweet out the items so they can be easily found and RTd. 


The InLinkz is scheduled to close this Tuesday at 12:00 noon MDST.  I look forward to see your sunny summer beauties!

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