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Make It an Artisan Handmade Christmas - Favorites - Week 11, 2023



It's hard to believe that Week 11 of the Countdown to Christmas 2023 has already come and gone . . . . and there is only ONE more week left of the promotion!  When the Countdown starts, the end of the twelve weeks seems a looooong way off. Then - BAM! - here it is!  With Christmas just 18 days away, where does the time go? The ever ticking Your Christmas Countdown Clock doesn’t let up - those seconds just keep ticking down until the jolly man in red and white arrives.  Since the holiday gift giving season is lurking just around the corner, Julie and Harry of Blue Morning Expressions are once again hosting a twelve-week Countdown to Christmas 2023 of artisan handmade / designed items on their Buy Handmade from Makers blog.  The Countdown is the place for handmade artists to share three of their beautiful (often one of a kind) creations. This week ten artists shared 30 items, a wide range of beautiful gift ideas:  jewelry of all styles, ornaments, gift card holders, sweatshirts gearheads, lampwork glass beads, watercolor art prints and many other unique items.  Need a perfect start or end to your holiday shopping?  Shop the Countdown to Christmas; browse and purchase that special piece for that special person!  An excellent rule of thumb to follow this holiday season: SHOP EARLY, SHOP OFTEN!  And, most of all, SHOP HANDMADE to support small, independent artisan shops!


In addition to promoting each handmade item from the Countdown collection to my "Countdown to a Handmade Christmas 2023" Pinterest board and on my Twitter feed, I decided to share one item from each of the artists who participated this week.  Here are my "favorites" picks of the items - hard to chose!  I hope you enjoy these unique items!




Make It an Artisan Handmade Christmas - 2022 - Week 8




It’s all going so, so fast:  week 8 of the Countdown to Christmas 2022 has already come and gone, with only four more weeks remaining!  The Countdown is a chance for artists to come together and share three of their beautiful gift ideas, each one a perfect gift for a loved one.  The ever ticking Christmas clock doesn’t let up - according to it, Santa and his flying reindeer will start their journey in only 46 days!  Need a perfect place to start / finish your Christmas shopping? The Countdown is the place to do just that!  A good motto to follow: SHOP EARLY, SHOP OFTEN!  And, most of all, SHOP HANDMADE to support hard working indie artists




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