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This week’s Wonderful Handmade Wednesday on Indiemade features artisan design that feature spirals, circles and/or arcs.  All three symbols were used as early as 38.000 BC in Europe, Africa, Australia and South America when ancient man began to carve into stone or paint cave walls in protected areas.  It is possible that earlier hunter/gatherer peoples might have decorated their bodies and clothes or marked trees or features in the landscape but, if they did, evidence of that art has not survived.  






Yellow Quartz and Blue Sodalite Petite Drop Earrings with Copper Wire Wrap Spirals Handmade by Pamela of Pebbles at My Feet 



All three symbols have deep spiritual/religious meanings.  Below are the definitions (as found in a dictionary) and the spiritual meaning for each:


Spiral:  a design that winds in a continuous and gradually widening (or tightening) curve, either around a central point on a flat plane or about an axis so as to form a cone.

Spirals have been associated with the cycles of time and life:  the seasons, the cycle of birth, growth, death, and then rebirth.


Circle:  a round plane figure whose boundary (the circumference) consists of points equidistant from a fixed point (the center).

Circles have a universal, sacred and divine meaning.  They represents the infinite nature of energy, and the inclusivity of the universe.  The circle is also the symbol of boundary and enclosure, of completion and returning cycles

Arc:  a part of the circumference of a circle or other curve

Arcs are symbols of the aspiration to rise above the struggle of matter and spirit, and represent bounty, triumph, expansion, and success.



Periwinkle Blue Circle Hoops and Blue Lampwork Drop Earrings Handmade by Linda of Linda Landig Jewelry 



And now for more spiral, circle and arc beauties!  I hope you are delighted by the artisan handmade creations using one or more of the symbols and revel in the fact that these symbols, as ancient as they are, are still in use today.  If something catches your eye, please click on the live link below the photo for more information.  Enjoy.




"Pendant of a Million Stars" Dichroic Glass Pendant with Argentium Silver Wire Wrapped Arcs by Jo of Umeboshi Jewelry Designs



Crocheted Spiral Rope Bead Bracelet in Blue, Pink, Yellow and White Handmade by Cathy of Crafting Memories



Circle Saw Blade Art Note Cards, Set of 8, Handmade by Jacki of Christie Cottage  



Pink Hand Knit Baby Booties in Crocodile Scale Arc Stitch with Purple Flower Rhinestone Buttons Handmade by Nancy of Nancy's Knots, Lace and More



Colorful Tie Dye Doggie Bones, Paw Prints and Spirals Dog Bandana Handmade by Donna of SewAmazin



Rustic Copper Hoop Circles Earrings with Russian Russian Amazonite Nuggets  Handmade by Gloria of Chrysalis Tribal Jewelry



Arced Mayan Headdress Copper and Lampwork Earrings Handmade by Kristi of Kristi Bowman Design



"Not All Who Wander Are Lost" Tolkien Inspired Pendant Necklace with Brown Agate and Spirals Handmade by Catherine of Shadow Dog Designs



I hope you have relished each and every one of these unique handmade creations featured above!  If you would like to make my day and the day of the talented artists featured, please leave a comment.  And any promotion you can do will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!



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What a cool post....once you

What a cool post....once you put that image in my mind, my eyes went to each picture and it just popped out! Thanks so much for including my booties in this wonderful fun post.

Thank you, Nancy!

That's what happened to me, Nancy, when I first started toying with the idea. I saw spirals, circles and arc everywhere. Am glad to have shared your booties with the scaled arcs (:

Great blog

Thank you for including my bracelet, Catherine. What a great blog, very informative. Shared

Thank you, Cathy!

THanks for stopping by and commenting, Cathy. Am so glad the you found the blog informative. Glad to have included your bracelet!

Circle Trail Mark

I always mark my trail with circle symbols, that way when I get back to the same spot I know I have completed my circle whether it was intentional or not. Lovely post and item choices, and thank you for including my amazonite earrings.

Thank you

I tweeted all items and the post.

I have also shared each item and this post on my blog today


Thank you Catherine!



I always look forward to seeing what theme you'll come up with each week! Thanks very much for including my tie dye dog bandana in your weekly post.

Have pinned each item, will share tweets, and shared post. Happy sales to everyone in our friendly circle!

Universal designs

It always amazes me how some designs are universal and often repeated in nature and utilized by artists! I love these forms. Thanks so much for highlighting them here!

I remember seeing my first

I remember seeing my first petroglyphs and finding speaks a spiral embellished animal shapes. I enjoyed your post and your beautiful collection of handmade goods that feature these ancient symbols. Thanks for featuring something from my shop.

This was whole new

This was whole new information to me as I never ever thought that these spirals and circles had such connections with our lives and how they can actually influence us. Till this moment these where just random designs we see on jewelry.
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