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Radiant Roses for Julia



My good friend, Julia, LOVES roses.  She has planted the most amazing rose garden in her backyard, mostly lining the rock wall separating her yard from the large arroyo on the other side of the wall.  Each year, Julia spends three months in Bolivia visiting with family and friends.  Unfortunately, that is also when her roses are at the peak of their bloom.  Because I hate that she misses the showy display from her rose babies, I went to her house to take photos of the roses so I could share them on a blog post and then email her the link.  Looking at the photos is not the same, of course, but at least Julia can see how much beauty her roses are bringing to me and to her neighbors who water her plants.  It's just too bad there's not the ability to attach a scratch and sniff thingy for each photo so she can enjoy the heavenly perfume!  Happily, some of the roses rebloom in late summer, so she gets to enjoy some of the beauty then.



Julia . . . these are for you!  I hope you enjoy them.














































And I couldn't resist taking a photo of the gorgeous iris next to Julia's front door:





I hope Julia, and whoever elses stumbles on this blog post, enjoyed the photos of the roses and the lone iris.   If you did happen by, please leave a comment - those are always appreciated.  Thanks!



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Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I tweeted and pinned


Gorgeous Roses and beautiful photography.

Beautiful Roses

Glad you did this. The roses are beautiful, and the 7th peach, pink and yellow is my favorite. You're a good friend to let Julia enjoy her roses.

Julia's Roses

The roses are beautiful, and you are just an AMAZING and thoughtful friend!


Stunning, brilliant photos. You are right - you can almost smell them!


Roses are one of my favorite flowers, they are stunning. Thank you for sharing.

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