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Make It A Handmade Mothers Day - Week 1



Julie and Hurricane Harry of Blue Morning Expressions are once again hosting the wildly popular Countdown to Mother's Day 2021 - Week 1 on their The Blu Print blog.  Last year's Mother's Day Countdown 2020 was a resounding success . . . so the 2021 version is up and running. Since Mother's Day will be here before you know it - on May 9 - this is the perfect time to start thinking about and buying a gift(s) for your Mom, Grandmom, Aunts and other beloved women.  Browse all the wonderful handmade shares for this week, visit the shops of the artists featured in this week's Countdown and buy your Mom a beauty that was handmade from the heart.




Antiqued Silver Lotus Flower Pendant Necklace with Yoga Symbols and Rhinestone Birthstone Drop Charm Handmade by Connie of Thesinginbeader



If you have a studio or shop on Indiemade, ArtFire, Zibbet, StoreEnvy, Shopify, Etsy, stand alone websites and the like, you are invited to share up to three Mother's Day gift items on the on the Countdown to Mother's Day 2021 collection between Friday at 12:00 noon EST until midnight the following Sunday night.  Then a brand new collection of gift ideas will start the next Friday, and so on, until the weeks are finished and Mother's Day is here!  By the way, the items shared need to be G-rated.




Large Lentil Peach Glass Wrapped in Fine Silver Lampwork Focal Bead Handmade by Charlotte of Covergirlbeads



When you participate in the Countdown to Mother's Day 2021, important backlinks are provided to your items.  This will help make you more easily found by the Google gods. If you share items, you MUST promote each item in the countdown collection.  That is only fair!  Pinterest is preferred since everyone can see the items and it is easy to save off of them. Twitter and Facebook are also great but do not provide the ability to find items as easily to share again.  Please provide your Pinterest / Twitter and/or blog links in the comment section on Julie's blog. And it would also be much appreciated to "blog hop" the Countdown on your blog since that provides even more backlinks.  And make comments on the blogs - that helps everyone, as well!




Turquoise and Silver Paw Print Keychain, Pet Lover Gift, Handmade by LInda of VictorianStyleTreasures



In addition to saving all the items shared in the Countdown onto my new Countdown to a Handmade Mother's Day 2021 Pinterest board and on my Twitter feed, as in Countdown's past, I decided to share one item from each of the various artists who participated on my Indiemade blog.  This will be a perfect time to pull out a sheet of paper and a pen or pencil (or get your computer bookmarks ready) and begin your shopping list. Above all, however, have fun!


Here are the rest of the wonderful handmade items from this week's Countdown to Mother's Day 2021 - Week 1 in the order drawn from my trusty numbers bowl:




Psalms, Philippians and Proverbs Scripture Encouragement Note Cards, Set of 3, Handmade by Roxanne of watercolorNmore  




18" Silvertone "Grandma" Pendant Necklace on a Chain Handmade by Julie and Harry of Blue Morning Expressions




Peace Rose Lampwork Glass Bracelet with Onyx Swarovski Pearls Handmade by Pamela of MagdaleneJewels




Bosc Pear and Grapes Old World Stills Series Rectangular Pillow Designed by Colleen of Photography & Digital By Colleen Cornelius




Blue Green Porcelain Beads with Camel Jasper Plus-Size 9" Bracelet Handmade by Kathy of KatsAllThat




Black and Turquouse Yin Yang Charm Diffuser Bracelet Handmade by Andrea of Andrea Designs




Blue and Pink Magnolia Flower Boho Earrings with Swarovski Crystals Handmade by Catherine of Shadow Dog Designs




This is but a small sampling of all the creations shared in the artisan collection.  To see all the items shared, be sure to click here: Countdown to Mother's Day - Week 1.  Hopefully one (or more) of the handmade beauties will make its way to your Mom on this Mother's Day.


If you would like to make my day and the day of the artist's featured, please leave a comment.  Any and all promotion you can do for this blog post will be benefit us all and will be greatly appreciated.



My contact information:


Indiemade shop:  Shadow Dog Designs

Indiemade blog:  Shadow Dog Designs’ Blog

Blogger Blog:  Shadow Dog Design’s Blogger

Twitter:  ShadowDogDesign

Pinterest:  Shadow Dog Designs

Instagram:  Shadow Dog Designs

Facebook:  Catherine’s Personal Page

Facebook:  ShadowDogDesigns - Jewelry

Tumblr:  Shadow Dog Designs

Flickr:  Shadow Dog Designs' Photostream



Beautifully Unique Handmade Jewelry

for the Discerning Woman



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Mother's Day and Spring

Thank you so much Catherine for the extra Mothers Day promotion. And for including my blue green porcelain plus-size bracelet. Will be sharing on social sites.


Thanks for featuring my Scripture cards in this lovely collection.

Thank you, Catherine!

We're off to great start with these gorgeous handmade gifts for Mother's Day! Thank you for including my lotus flower pendant necklace. Shared!

Mother Day Blog Week 1

Thanks Catherine for hosting the first Mother’s Day Countdown Blogs. Thank you for adding my Onyx Bracelet among your items. Promoted all - tweeted and pinned!


Thank you for including my THE YIN YANG CHARM DIFFUSER BRACELET, in this gorgeous collection of Mother's Day Blog Week 1. I shared all the items on Twitter and Pinterest board 2021-Mother's day handmade shopping guide.

Thank you Catherine

Thanks for including my Paw Print Keychain in your wonderful Mother's Day Blog.

I have pinned all on 3 different boards and will be sharing more.




Thank You From Me and Little Harry

Thank you for including my Grandma necklace with all of these wonderful Mother's Day gift ideas. Glad to hear that you got your second shot! Many treats to The Sir from The Fuzzy.

Thank you so much for

Thank you so much for including my lampwork focal bead in your Mother's Day blog. Pinned and tweeted them and your blog.

These are all wonderful

These are all wonderful Mother's Day gift ideas! Love those blue earrings!

thank you

Thank you so much for the extra promotion
Tweeted and pinned all and the post

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