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My good friend, Julia, `spent many years creating a most amazing rose garden in her backyard.  They are her “babies” and she spends many enjoyable hours working in the garden, talking to the roses and inhaling their heady scentswhen blooming.  She also communes with the wondrous nature that is all around.  However, in years past, she’s wasn't at home when the roses were in full bloom.  She would fly to Bolivia for three months in the spring (autumn in Bolivia) to visit her brother and other relatives in the town where she grew up.  I always felt sad for Julia when she was away, knowing how she was missing her amazing rose show. I’d go to her house, take photos of the roses, blog about them and then email her the link.  But that definitely wasn’t anything like being in her garden to enjoy the beauty each bush provided



This year, however, Julia went to Bolivia for her three months right around Christmas . . . and was back in time to revel in the beauty of her rose garden.  She invited me over a couple of times as certain groups of roses reached their peak bloom.  I took photos and then we sat on a rock wall (being careful to make sure to social distance!) and talk and laugh and try to solve the problems of the world.  Even though Julia was at home this year, I thought I’d share a few photos of Julia’s roses (believe me, these pic are just a few of what I took!) and three photos of her gorgeous irises.  The photos are arranged roughly into color groups.  It’s such a shame you can’t smell the roses through your computer screen.  Enjoy.



A few of Julia's roses:











































A few of Julia's irises:













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Wow these photos are incredible. I can only imagine how gorgeous they are and smell. I can just imagine the love and time that went into these and what a reward when they bloom. Love the pink with yellow base - wow!.

You have captured them in perfect light. I especially love the first shots and then the knock your socks off Iris.

What a nice treat to get this blog today on Mothers' Day! Thanks Catherine for posting Julia's joyful garden.

I too love the flowers of nature. My thing is orchids, love them. Right now I have 8 on my front porch and all are in bloom..
It must be the perfect environment for them - just enough sunlit, etc.

I too take close up shots of flowers for painting. Love to paint close up over sized ones.

Thanks for sharing these gorgeous flowers!


Beautiful roses. Roses bloom for Mother’s Day each year.

The irises are unique!

I was admiring my own irises today.

Thanks for sharing

What gorgeous roses, so many

What gorgeous roses, so many different colors, I wish I had your green thumb, these are beautiful for mother's day.


OMG, all of them are so beautiful. I shared the link on Twitter.

Rose Blog

Beautiful - I felt as if I was at the Botanical Gardens Rose Show!
Great Photography!

So Beautiful !!

So Beautiful !!

The flowrs are magnificent

The flowrs are magnificent and the photography is absolutely splendid. Growing roses is not easy, at least not to get such gorgeous blooms. Thank you for sharing. Truely a feast for the eyes and soul.

Thank you!

These photos are amazing. She has a green thumb for sure. Thanks for sharing.

Outstanding Roses

So jealous of being surrounded by so much beauty, color and heady aroma. Glad she were able to be home this year for the blooms. Beautiful roses and wonderful story. It always makes the day just a bit better when we can start it by being bowled over with color. I love the pink and red combinations. Here's to more roses in our lives! PS - I am also very fond of those gorgeous irises.

Stunning Roses!

Your friend raises the most stunning roses. I can just smell them through my computer screen!I, Well I can only dream of it. Love the colors and wish I could walk through her garden. It must be a serene to sit out and enjoy their beauty and fragrance. The irises are so rich with color too!

A Rose by any Other Name....

These photos are absolutely wonderful. I especially love the pink and yellow combination. The Iris is gorgeous also. I have pink, red and yellow that have little to no scent. However, in my front yard I have a fabulous American Beauty rose that has such a heady scent one rose can add it's aroma to my entire kitchen. I usually just one one and have it right by my sink.
Your neighbor has a real gift. Thank you for sharing her story.

Love the colors!

It's a very dark and rainy day in Cleveland, so the colors of roses and irises really lifted my spirits! I especially like the color mix of the yellow and orange roses. The purple colors in the irises are gorgeous! This was a very nice thing to do for your friend, Catherine.

Such beautifully cheerful blooms!

Thanks for the cheerful photos, Catherine! What gorgeous roses! They're all so beautiful. I also love irises, and Julia's are so stylish—they almost have personalities! Will share on Twitter and Pinterest. Treats to Le Moosie from Le Gonze. :)


Pinned and tweeted again

Julia's Roses

These photos are amazing! Thank you for sharing the beauty of Julia's rose garden and writing about how she has enjoyed it this spring.

It has been my pleasure of sharing some very pleasant visits with her (practicing social distancing, of course). Being there, is an experience of tranquility and awe.

I am very happy to see Julia be content during this difficult time. Nature brings her and us so much pleasure!

Beautiful blooms and your

Beautiful blooms and your photography is excellent as always. I'm glad you have such beauty near you. I'll bet the flowers in your yard are gorgeous too. Roses are my favorite flower,
but I don't have much luck when it comes to growing them. I blame it on the soil here.

I hope all is well with you. Stay safe, my friend.

Julia's roses

Catherine and Julia,
What a gorgeous garden! I was trying to pick a favorite, but it just wasn't possible. The colors are so vibrant. I wish I could experience their fragrance. Julia, are any of these transplants from your other home?
Hugs to both of you...

Julia's roses

Gorgeous pictures of gorgeous flowers! They are displayed so beautifully and look so real! I can just picture them in her yard. Great work Julia and Catherine, both gardeners extraordinaire, I am proud of the hard work you both do to make the world more beautiful!

Thank you

Thank you for sharing, Catherine. I love roses and have tried many times to grow them. I have never had luck with them. Something always gets to them before they fully bloom. I may have to give it another try after seeing all these beauties.
Treats to Seamus from the gang.

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