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Flowers for Your Ears - Handmade Floral Earrings by Shadow Dog Designs



“I must have flowers, always, and always.”

Claude Monet



I totally agree with Monet.  There are a lot of things I can give up in life, but flowers are not one of them.  To plant a seed or seedlings into the ground . . . and then a miracle happens. Sometimes slowly and sometimes quickly, the plant grows and flowers emerge.  I have been redesigning flower beds here at our house using a wide range of water wise plants: knipofia (called “mango popsicle’ - truly well named), several salvias in several colors, a fabulous penstemon; Russian sage, Texas red yucca, gauras and many colors of the workhorse of the desert garden, the glorious lantana.  Every plant I chose has to benefit bees, butterflies and/or hummingbirds. I have seen bees and butterflies on the flowers, but the hummingbirds seems to prefer the feeder and the mimosa tree, which is blooming right now. Several times a day, I go out and just look, and am always filled with a sense of wonder and awe at the sheer beauty at what is happening.



BOTANICAL BEAUTIES - Colorful Flower Earrings with Enamel, Lampwork and Crystals Handmade Jewelry - $40.00



Because of my intense love of flowers, you will see quite a few jewelry designs that will feature flowers.  So I decided to share ten pairs of earrings from my Shadow Dog Designs jewelry shop that use flowers as a main motif.  If something catches your eye and you want to see more photos or information, either click on the photo or the description underneath to be taken to the item in the store.  I hope you enjoy each floral bouquet as much as I enjoyed creating them.



FLORES LINDAS - Daisy Flower Earrings in Aqua, Pink, Purple Lightweight Handmade Jewelry - $40.00




BONJOUR - Daisy Flowers and Hearts Earrings, Copper Purple Fuchsia Handmade Jewelry - $35.00




DAZZLING DAISIES - Ceramic Boho Daisy Flower Earrings with Orange Lampwork Handmade Jewelry - $40.00




PRETTY PINK POSIES - Pink Opal Flowers and Swarovski Earrings, Spring and Summer Handmade Jewelry - $20.00




FLORAL FANTASY - Vintage Tea Tin Flower Earrings with Burgundy Crystals Handmade Jewelry - $30.00




LUXURIANT FLOWER GARDEN - Colorful Flower Garden Earrings, Victorian Floral Jewelry Gift for Women - $25.00




ROMANCE - Red Roses and White Hearts Earrings, Enamel Handmade Jewelry Gift For Women - $40.00




SPRING BEAUTIES - Pewter Flower Earrings with Purple, Pink and Green Swarovski Crystals Handmade Jewelry - $35.00




SPRING AWAKENS - Flowers and Butterflies Spring Earrings, Mykonos Copper Handmade Jewelry - $20.00



I hope you enjoyed each and every one of these unique handmade creations!  If you would like to make my day, please leave a blog comment.  And any promotion you can do will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



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