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4th of July - Celebrate a Handmade Red, White and Blue Holiday!



When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.


Preamble to the Declaration of Independence, written by Thomas Jefferson.


The 4th of July, also known as Independence Day or July 4th, has a tradition of celebrations goes back to the American Revolution.  When the initial battles of the Revolutionary War broke out in April 1775, very few colonists desired complete independence from Great Britain.  But, by the middle of the following year, the idea of independence grew due to the growing hostility against draconian British laws and the spread of revolutionary sentiments, such as the pamphlet published in early 1776 by Thomas Paine, called “Common Sense.”




Red, White and Blue Southwest Boho Earrings Handmade by Mary of PrettyGonzo



One June 7, 1776, when the Continental Congress met at the Pennsylvania State House (later renamed Independence Hall), Richard Henry Lee introduced a motion calling for the independence of the thirteen colonies.  Heated debate followed and the vote was postponed. However, a five man committee was appointed to draft a formal statement justifying a break with Great Britain. The members of the committee were Thomas Jefferson (Virginia), John Adams (Massachusetts), Benjamin Franklin (Pennsylvania), Roger Sherman (Connecticut) and Robert R. Livingston (New York).  On July 2, 1776, the Continental Congress voted in favor of independence. With an almost unanimous vote two days later, the Declaration of Independence, written by Thomas Jefferson, was adopted.




Salute, MacDill AFB Collage 11 x 15 Prints, Veterans Military Tribute Handmade by Roxanne of watercolorsNmore




During the summer of 1776, as a way of symbolizing the end of the monarchy’s hold on America and the triumph of liberty, many colonists celebrated the birth of independence by holding mock funerals for King George III.  Even though the war was still being fought, Philadelphia held the first annual commemoration of independence on July 4, 1777.  George Washington issued double rations of rum to all his soldiers and held an artillery salute to mark the anniversary in 1778.  In 1781, Massachusetts became the first state to declare July 4th an official state holiday, several months before the American victory at Yorktown where Lt. General Charles Cornwallis, commander of British forces, surrendered to General George Washington.




USA Pendant Necklace and Earrings Jewelry Set with Snowy Quartz, Red Coral Blue Howlite Stars Handmade by Suzanne and Tony of RivendellRockJewelry 




During the War of 1812, when the U.S. again faced Great Britain, the tradition of Independence Day celebrations became even more widespread.  In 1870, Congress decreed July 4th a federal holiday. The provision was expanded to grant a paid holiday to all federal employees in 1938 (or 1941, depending on what article you read).  


Ever since the late 19th century, it has been common to celebrate the 4th of July with family get-togethers, barbecues and fireworks.  Even though the political importance of the holiday has declined, the 4th of July remains an important national holiday and a symbol of patriotism.


I hope you enjoyed this short history of the 4th of July.  And I also hope you enjoy the rest of the red, white and / or blue handmade items created by talented artists.




Red and Blue Gemstone Statement Necklace Handmade by Sharon of BlondePeachJewelry




Navy Blue and White Crocheted Infant Romper Sunsuit with Matching Crocheted Sandals, 3-6 Months, Handmade by Pamela of MagdaleneKnits




Red and White Dot Coordinated Earrings and Chain Necklace Jewelry Set Handmade by Julie of Blue Morning Expressions




Patriotic Red, White and Blue Hand Crocheted Americana Coasters, Set of 6, Handmade by Ruth of RSSDesignInFiber 




"Fourth of July" Sterling Silver Mounted Multi-colored Dichroic Glass Pendant Handmade by Jo of 2GlassThumbs




Hand Knitted Patriotic Red, White and Blue Variegated Cotton Butterfly Stitch Dish Cloth or Wash Cloth Handmade by Sharon of HollyknitterCreation




Small Red White Blue Earrings Sterling Posts 4th Of July Jewelry Handmade by Connie of TheSingingBeader




Sock Monkey Sewing Pattern, No Socks PDF, Handmade by Jacki of ChristieCottage




Cerulean Blue Faceted Agate and Bali Copper Necklace Handmade by Kathy of KatsAllThat




Vintage Red Glass Tibetan Sherpa Bead Necklace with White Pearls Handmade by Catherine of Shadow Dog Designs




Red Turquoise, Blue Howlite and Copper Southwest Style Om Bracelet Handmade by Mary of PrettyGonzo




Red Caladiums 5 x 7 Blank Note Cards, Variety of 3, Handmade by Roxanne of waercolorsNmore




Home of the Brave US Flag Pendant Necklace with Blue Dumortierite, White Howlite and Red Coral Handmade by Suzanne and Tony of RivendellRockJewelry




Star-shaped Blue Turquoise Magnesite Earrings Handmade by Sharon of BlondePeachJewelry 




Vintage Ruby Red Swarovski Crystal Rhinestone Earrings Handmade by Pamela of MagdaleneJewels




Red Heart Polymer Clay Kitchen / Refrigerator / Potholder Magnets, Set of 4, Handamde by Julie of Blue Morning Expressions 




Blue and White Hand Crocheted Star-Burst Doily with Sparkling Crystal Beads Handmade by Ruth of RSSDesignsInFiber




"Celebration" Dichroic Glass Pendant and Earrings Jewelry Set Handmade by Jo of Umeboshi Jewelry Designs 




White Hand Knitted West Highland Terrier Cotton Picture Dish Cloth or Wash Cloth Handmade by Sharon of HollyknitterCreation




Red, White and Blue Patriotic 4th Of July Beaded Hoop Earrings Handmade by Connie of TheSingingBeader




Hand Painted Upcycled Blue Denim Drawstring Jewelry Gift Bags, Set of 20, Handmade by Jacki of Christie Cottage




Red and White Superduo Snakeskin Beadwoven Cuff Bracelet Handmade by Kathy of KatsAllThat




Blue Lapis Lazuli Chunky Statement Necklace with Copper Handamde by Catherine of Shadow Dog Designs




I hope you enjoyed the short hostory of the 4th og July and each and every one of these unique handmade creations in red, white and / or blue - each sure to make a patriotic Independence Day statement!  If you would like to make my day and the day of the talented artists featured, please leave a blog comment.  And any promotion you can do will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



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Wow! Excellent post!

Thanks so much, Catherine, for this wonderful post. AND for mentioning Thomas Paine's "Common Sense" - among the most important documents (a lengthy pamphlet) in the history of Western civilization. One of my favorite quotes of all time comes from it: "Government, like dress, is a badge of lost innocence; the palaces of kings are built upon the ruins of the bowers of paradise." Is that great, or what? "CS" should be required reading for all Americans.

(Anyone interested can get a free kindle edition from Amazon Classics right here: http://ow.ly/ewJQ30kGrYc)

Okay, now on to the wonderful selections of handmade. Thanks for including my earrings and bracelet with all these beauties. Will be sharing every item to Pinterest, and many to Twitter and G+.

Treats to Sir Moose from Sir Gonze! :)


Thanks Catherine for the history information, interesting and including me in this great collection.

I will promote by pinning and tweeting once I get out of TWITTER JAIL. Hopefully soon.


I have pinned all to: https://www.pinterest.com/artNmore.com

to appropriate boards.

4th of July Blog Post

I love the way you have started your post here Catherine! Thank you for including my jewelry. Hope everyone has a safe holiday and many sales! Promoting.

4th of July Blog

Such wonderful Gift Ideas to help celebrate the "4th of July"! Thank you for including my little SunSuit and Earrings among
the talented Artisans featured.
I also thank you for once again taking the time to help promote so many items and artists from various sites!!
Definitely sharing & Promoting!!


A great history refresher!

Thanks Catherine

I tweeted all but one that gave me an error. Pinned a lot until Pinterest got grouchy. Will come back and try pinning rest later

Thanks again


We made the right decision

When we look back at the American Revolution, it is easy to see that we made the right decision. Many years later, we were able to go back to Great Britain and help them fight off a powerful enemy. Thanks for sharing a bit of important history. Shared all these treasures.

Thank you, Catherine!

Hurray for the Red, White, and Blue! Such a colorful and meaningful blog post. I will be sharing all these terrific items soon. Happy 4th of July!

Beautiful Handmade in

Beautiful Handmade in Americana Red, White and/or Blue, Catherine! Thanks for featuring my Americana Star Coasters and the Sparkling Blue and White Starburst!

Thanks, everyone!

I appreciate the comments and promo of the post, everyone! Have also been busy promoting it and the individual items:

+ pinned the post and all items here: https://www.pinterest.com/shadowdog/4th-of-july-artisan-handmade/
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Hope the blog brings some sales! Seamus shares doggie kisses with all.

Stand up and cheer!!

Thanks for sharing the great history. Certain portions I didn't know about. All of these wonderful patriotic designs included just make me so proud to be where we are and to be among such talent. Thank you for the post Catherine and for all that you do!!

Thanks again, Catherine!

Thanks for all the promoting, Catherine. You're so organized! I've been promoting over time, and getting very confused about what I've promoted and what I haven't. I know everything is at Pinterest, though, and some stuff at G+, and some tweeted. We need to teach our furpals how to type ... :) Treats to the boy from the boy ...

Thanks again, Catherine!

Thanks for all the promoting, Catherine. You're so organized! I've been promoting over time, and getting very confused about what I've promoted and what I haven't. I know everything is at Pinterest, though, and some stuff at G+, and some tweeted. We need to teach our furpals how to type ... :) Treats to the boy from the boy ...

History Lesson and Reminder

Great post filled with history. Reminds us that we do not have to keep living under the oppression of a ruling authority. Thank you for including my necklace and my red heart magnets amongst these other patriotic gifts. I pinned, posted and shared everything with everyone! Happy 4th of July - may your flag wave high! Treats to the guardian of the gate and remover of lizards and roadrunners. Have a safe holiday to all

This is a gorgeous post.

This is a gorgeous post. Love everything here.

Thank yuou, Catherine for posting my two necklaces.

I have google+ed, facebooked, tweeted, and pinned everything. I also opened your and Pam's google+ pages and +1ed and commented on most of the items.

Again, thanks

Beautiful handmade items!

Such a lovely collection of handmade items!


A great post with lovely items and info. Shared on G+ (Late).

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