Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost . . .


I love quotes . . . always have, always will.  Sometimes a particularly meaningful or beautiful set of words will stop me in my tracks as I ponder the significance.  The quote will be read over and over again, mulled over and over again, and then committed to memory (hopefully).  The power of words never fails to amaze me.  And the power of words can be very scary when they espouse bigotry and hate.  I have a rather large "Words of Wisdom and Profundity" board on Pinterest.  No hate there . . . although a great quote I love says, "A truly great library has something to offend everyone."  So maybe some people will find something offensive in it.  Hey, it is what it is.

This morning I ran across a fun site, called, where you can take your favorite quotes and make "posters" of them using various templates. The templates are fairly limited, but I sure had fun with it.  Below are a few of my favorite quotes turned into "works of art" by me!  


Being a huge J.R.R. Tolkein fan, this is my all time favorite quote - in fact I wear it every day on a cuff with the words stamped on it.  It is from the poem "All that Glitters is not Gold", describing Aragorn, son of Arathorn, from the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy.  Here is the poem:


All that is gold does not glitter,

Not all those who wander are lost;

The old that is strong does not wither,

Deep roots are not reached by the frost.


From the ashes a fire shall be woken,

A light from the shadows shall spring;

Renewed shall be blade that was broken,

The crownless again shall be king.



And "The Lake Isle of Innisfree", by W.B. Yeats, is my all time favorite poem.  The idea of living "alone in a bee-loud glade" sounds VERY appealing to me.



Such true words by Walt Whitman.  Here is the entire quote:  This is what you shall do . . . 



We used to live in a forest in Northern Virginia.  This is the way I felt when finishing my wandering through the beauty.  Have to love Henry David Thoreau.  In fact, I named a parakeet after him - hope he would be honored!



It was hard to pick a favorite quote from Marianne Williamson, but this is a favorite.  This one is also beautiful:  "The practice of forgiveness is our most important contribution to healing the world."  



Oh, yes!!!  Being an avid reader (always have 2-3 books by the bed in the process of being read), this is perfect for our society who seems to only get their information from sound bites now.


So there you have it, my quote masterpieces created with the help of  Check it out and make your own meaningful posters.


I hope you enjoyed these selections!  If you would like to make my day and the day of the artists featured, please leave a comment.  And any promotion you can do will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!


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Well that's a cool site,

Well that's a cool site, isn't it! And I enjoy seeing some of your favorite quotes, Catherine. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you, Barbara!

Am glad you like the post, Barbara, and hope you give it a try! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


What a fun site and a great way to share your quotes and poems! Thanks for sharing.

Thank you, Sharon!

i hope you give the site a try, Sharon. Many thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

Love all your favorite

Love all your favorite quotes! And I love all your posters. They all look awesome. I shall try when I get a chance. Thanks for sharing, Catherine.

Thank you, Nat!

I do hope you give it a try, Nat - lots of fun. Thank you for leaving a comment!

Love your favorite quotes,

Love your favorite quotes, the images and quotes you put together are perfect. thanks for sharing this.

Thank you, Diane!

Many thanks for your kinds words and for leaving a comment, Diane!


What a great blog and a great site. I love all the quotes you chose, especially the Marianne Williamson one.

Happy New Year to you and may it be filled with all that you wish for.

Lisa :)

Thank you, Lisa!

And a HAPPY NEW YEAR to you, too, Lisa! Glad you love the new site. Maybe your students can make use of it (:

Great idea!

That's a great idea Catherine. I'm bookmarking the link to my school laptop so I don't forget!

Am thinking your students

Am thinking your students coukd hsve some fun with the site, Lisa (:

Love these Quotes!!

Love all the Quotes you chose - Aragorn is one of my favorite characters from the "Lord of the Rings" - have read the books as well as seen the movies. But my favorite one in your blog post is Thoreau - I LOVE walking in Woods, and yes, I very often end up feeling "taller" than the trees!! Anyone who has known me knows that Trees and Forests are my greatest passions - and that I do as much as I can to advocate for healthy forests on our planet!!

Thank you, Ruth!

I have been a tree hugger from a very young age, Ruth. Have a huge love for trees and forest - truly the lungs of Mother Earth. Many thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

Love it

I love all these wonderful quotes! Great fun!

Thank you, Jo!

Am glad you love the quotes, Jo. Think a lot of us in the group have some of the same ideas about life.

What Fun!

These are really fun! And fabulous quotes! (I love that you named a parakeet Henry David Thoreau - lol.) Thanks for sharing! 2016 treats to Le Moosie from Le Gonze. :)

Thank you, Mary!

H.D. Thoreu had a very long life . . . the best parakeet we ever had. Although he turned out to be a she - bought her very young before you could sex her. I called her Thoreau or "Good Bird". Tasty treats to Le Gonze from Le Moosie!

Wonderful Post

I loved all of your posts, but my all time fav was Reading can ... - me, too on the books on the bedside! Have three now and two in my office that I am working on. You know I love a good walk in the woods. New Year's treats to Seamus from his grumpy fur friend and the grumpy old lady he lives with. :)

Thank you, Julie and Blu!

Let's hope the new year brigs you and Blu a little less grumpiness - LOL! Glad we are on the same wave length about books! Many thanks for stopping and leaving a comment. Seamus sends many tasty treats to his handsome friend, Blu. And he says you can have a treat, too (:

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