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Monday Twitter Tree - Artisan Handmade - May 15, 2023



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Hope everyone had a great

Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day! Here are my two:

My Radiant Red Poodles Terra Continental Clip Coaster set is designed to showcase your favorite dog breed while protecting your table tops https://bit.ly/3LOQEVZ via @covergirlbeads #ccmtt #PoodleCoasters #CoastersforDogLovers

Looking for rustic beads? Make some earrings with these etched Hawaiian clay orange handmade lampwork beads with a heavy silvered ivory snakeskin band https://bit.ly/3oXOdY9 via @covergirlbeads #ccmtt #LampworkBeads #HandmadeLampworkBeads


Tweeted the post. Appreciate you


Thank you for sharing.

Glad you had a great time and I'm sure Seamus is glad you're back in your own bed too.

Thank you


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