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Menagerie - Animal Inspired Handmade Jewelry by Shadow Dog Designs



Menagerie:  a collection of animals, frequently exotic, kept for display.  The term was first used in 17th-century France, in reference to the management of household or domestic stock.



Anyone who knows me knows I love animals in all shapes and sizes - always have, always will.   So I wanted to share a collection of animal jewelry with you that can be found in my Shadow Dog Designs handmade jewelry shop.  Even though these animals found on these earrings and necklaces are not alive, they can definitely be termed a menagerie since there is a wide variety, from exotic animals, such as tigers and giraffes, to domestic animals, like dogs and cats.  If something catches your eye and you want to see more photos and information, please click on the photo or the link below the picture to be taken directly to the item.  I hope you enjoy this menagerie of one of a kind jewelry!




DOS TIGRES - Tiger Face Earrings, Ceramic Aqua Opal Copper Boho Handmade Jewelry - $45.00




TORTUGAS - Sea Turtle Beach Earrings, Enamel Lampwork Swarovski Handmade Jewelry - $45.00




SWEET TWEETS - Boho Birds Earrings, Colorful Enamel Peridot Crystals Handmade Jewelry - $40.00




SLEIPNIR - Viking Horse Necklace, Sleipnir Scrimshaw Onyx Norse Handmade Jewelry - $95.00




MY FOUR FOOTED FRIEND - Dog Lover Earrings, Copper Bones Paw Prints Hearts Handmade Jewelry - $35.00




TWIGA - Giraffe Boho Earrings, Black White Tribal Batik Coral Handmade Jewelry -  $45.00




WISE OWLS - Owl Earrings, Birds Faux Vintage Birder Brown Blue Handmade Jewelry - $30.00




LORD OF THE SAVANNAH - Elephant Necklace, Carved Pendant Red Creek Jasper Handmade Jewelry - $80.00




SWEET KITTY - Cat Kitty Face Earrings, Tan Ceramic Lampwork Handmade Jewelry Gift - $40.00




JUMP FOR JOY - Hare Rabbit Earrings, Spirals Moonstone Crystals Handmade Jewelry Gift - $40.00




CHRISTMAS FOX - Christmas Fox Earrings, Faux Vintage Tin Snowflakes Handmade Jewelry - $30.00



I hope you enjoyed each and every one of these unique handmade creations, all with animals!  If you would like to make my day, please leave a blog comment.  And any promotion you can do will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!



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Animal Jewelry Blog

Great Blog for the Animal Lover!!! A little something for everyone - Bird Earrings; Horse Necklace; Dog/Cat Lover's Earrings, etc.

Thank you!

Thank you, Pamela! I tried to get a wide range of animals - was fun picking out which ones to feature.

Pinned and tweeted all items.

Pinned and tweeted all items.

Thank you!

I appreciate all your promo, Jacki - thank you so much!

Great picks

Love all your selections.


I pinned all to my pinterest board - animals.

Thank you!

Thank you for the pins, Roxanne!

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