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Happy sales!


Here are my two for today:



Perfect jewelry for the woman who loves flowers: artisan pink wild roses on white enameled dangle earrings w/ raspberry red lampwork beads & Czech glass! via @ShadowDogDesign #sdftt #Handmade #FlowerEarrings


If you adore the color red (like I do), you'll definitely want to check out my new blog featuring 3 mostly red items from 3 handmade artisans! via @ShadowDogDesign #sdftt #Red #Blog



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Love artisan handmade? Be sure to check out the Friday Twitter Tree collection! via @ShadowDogDesign #sdftt #Handmade #Blog


Good afternoon! Hope everyone

Good afternoon! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Here are mine:

This feminine aqua fire agate bracelet will look fabulous on your wrist @covergirlbeads #SDFTT #HandmadeBracelets #AgateBracelets

Looking for something cool and breezy? See thes artisan made fire agate earrings @covergirlbeads #SDFTT #HandmadeEarrings #AgateEarrings


Unique, #GoldenChainTree Exotic #WoodEarrings Dangle handcrafted ecofriendly lightweight #SDFTT @RTobaison @Etsy

#Ibis Watercolor, #Floridashorebird watercolor Print 8 x 10 or 11 x 15 Home Decor landscape #SDFTT @RTobaison @Etsy

Thanks Catherine.



My posts for Friday are:

FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS OVER $50.00 Ready to ship The blue poppy bracelet, chunky bracelet, blue beaded kumihimo wristlet, boho-chic style @AndreaDesigns1 #WOMENBIZ #shophandmade #SDFTT

FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS OVER $50.00 The Rubi velvet bracelet, chunky bracelet, red Rubi beaded Kumihimo wristlet, Boho-chic style, woman size @AndreaDesigns1 #WOMENBIZ #shophandmade #SDFTT

I shared the post on my blog for extra promotion for all.

Here is the link:

“ELUNA JEWELRY” shop is featured on the Friday Twitter Tree blog hop on my blog.
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Thank you!

Twitter Tree

She'll love these fun #Sukkot Earrings - Lulav and Etrog Charms- #Jewishgifts Holiday Jewelry - Topaz Birthstone via @Etsy @lindab142 #SDFTT

Get your #Hanukkah shopping early with these handmade Light Blue Menorah Earrings #JewishGifts that she'll love for the Chanukah holiday via @Etsy @lindab142 #SDFTT

Thank you for hosting and mentioning 9/11, a day we'll never forget. Prayers!

#christening memories.

#christening memories. #godparentgift
#sdftt @Daisyblu_Diane @Etsy

#Monogram gift for #brideandgroom.
#sdftt @Daisyblu_Diane @etsy

Happy Friday !!

#Christmas is closer than you

#Christmas is closer than you think. Shop early for one of a kind, original Holiday gifts. Venetian and Beach Sea Glass Yin Yang Necklace Earrings Set From RivendellRockJewelry @Etsy #SDFTT #holiday2020

#Holiday gift giving is just around the corner. #Shopsmall one of a kind gifts. Onyx Mother of Pearl Penguin Pendant Necklace Earrings Set From RivendellRockJewelry @Etsy #SDFTT #Christmas

Friday Twitter Tree

A Day to Remember - Sept 11, 2001

My Friday Tweets:

Poppy Flower Earrings w Ruby Onyx Swarovski Crystals @MagdaleneJewels #SDFTT #PoppyFlowerEarrings #SwarovskiCrystals

Charm Bracelet Sterling Silver Daisy/Heart Charms w Swarovski Crystals Pearls @MagdaleneJewels #SDFTT #SterlingSilverCharmBracelet #SwarovskiCrystals


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Jacki's tweets

Here are Jacki's tweets:

Christie Cottage: Remembering 9-11-2001 via @christiecottage #sdftt #NeverForget #Blog

Heart Ornaments, Set of 19, Hand Stitched, 3 Different Sizes @christiecottage #sdftt #Handmade #Hearts


Friday Tweets: AMERICAN FLAG

Friday Tweets:

AMERICAN FLAG Ceramic Tile Coasters Set of 4 via @Etsy @clairemdesigns2 #SDFTT

Americana Folk Art Note Cards in Stars and Stripes Set of 6 via @Etsy @clairemdesigns2 #SDFTT

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Twitter Tree

My two for today:

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Wear this Hand Knit Awareness Scarf to show support, Sparkly Pink Breast Cancer Scarf | Crafting Memories via @Dusamae #breastcancerawareness #scarf #sdftt

You will love wearing this handcrafted, lightweight, Wire Wrap Pendant this fall! Carnelian Jewelry, Gift for Her via @Dusamae #carnelian #pendant #sdftt

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Jacki, your tribute is

Jacki, your tribute is wonderful. Thank you. Thank you Catherine for sharing.

As a teacher, I was frequently asked where I was when verious historic events happened - some even going back as far as Lincoln's killing (because they said I knew so much about it - guess it was a complement!).

Anyway, today got me thinking - where were you when 9/11 happened?

I was getting ready to go to work. I was a 5th grade teacher and school vice-principal. Many of our kids had parents who worked in the California capital and they were scared. We put together a prayer service and ended it with Lee Greenwood's song. I stopped today to listen again and thought I woudl share a youtube version.

Anyway, promoted to here.

And I need to remember to

And I need to remember to proofread! it's "various" and "would."

Awesome tribute

Jacki that is a wonderful tribute. The photos are so emotional, especially the photos of the people and the statue of Jesus with the towers.

Our country NEEDS to unite.

Thanks Suzanne for sharing the Lee Greenwood "God Bless the USA". GIVEs me chills.


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Thanks for y’all that commented on my blog and thanks Catherine for posting my tweets

Everyone has been tweeted.

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