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Each tweet must contain the hashtag #SDFTT

2 other Hashtags may be used.

Please include a brief description of your item in the tweet.

Keep your Tweet under 280 Characters (including spaces).

No Mature Items

Tweet Everyone’s Listings. (It is not fair to others if you do not fully participate.)

Limit of three (3) hashtags including #SDFTT.


Happy sales!


Here are my two for today:


Is ruby red a favorite color of yours? You'll love these glowing ruby red earrings created w/ faceted Saturn glass beads, genuine turquoise & Mykonos bead caps w/ a turquoise patina! via @ShadowDogDesign #sdftt #Handmade #RedEarrings


Looking for spine tingling Halloween and Day of the Dead jewelry? These unique red & turquoise sugar skull earrings are perfect! via @ShadowDogDesign #sdftt #DayoftheDead #SkullEarrings


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Please tweet this tomorrow

Please tweet this tomorrow - FRIDAY. More than once would be great for us all.

If you love artisan handmade gifts, check out the Friday Twitter Tree collection! via @ShadowDogDesign #sdftt #Gifts #Blog


Great for FALL: BLoodWood,

Great for FALL: BLoodWood, Exotic #WoodEarrings Oval Earrings, repurposed #SDFTT @RTobaison ecofriendly Handcrafted lightweight via @Etsy

4 Tampa Historical Landmarks 5 x 7 note card #TampaTheatre, Pickfords, Kress Bldg., #ItalianClub @Etsy @RTobaison #SDFTT

Thank you all.

Friday Twitter Tree

My Friday Tweets:

Crocheted Baby Bibs Pink White Blue Lambs Wool (set of 3) @MagdaleneKnits #SDFTT #CrochetedBabyBibs #PinkWhiteBlue

Crocheted Winter Hat/Maryjanes Lace Snowflakes Art Yarn @MagdaleneKnits #SDFTT #CrochetedHatMaryjanes #ArtYarn



My posts for Friday are:

FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS OVER $50.00 Ready to ship THE ORANGE ALPACA FINGERLESS GLOVES, fingerless gloves, woman's size, x-mas gift, stocking stuffer, gift for her, winter wear, Boho-chic @AndreaDesigns1 #WOMENBIZ #shophandmade #SDFTT
FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS OVER $50.00 Ready to ship. THE PURPLE MERINO FINGERLESS GLOVES, handmade crochet fingerless gloves, woman's size, stocking stuffer, gifts for her, Christmas gift @AndreaDesigns1 #WOMENBIZ #shophandmade #SDFTT

I shared the post on my blog for extra promotion for all.

Here is the link:

“LINDAB 142” shop is featured on the Friday Twitter Tree blog hop on my blog.
I would love to hear from you, your comments and likes are always welcome, and appreciated.

Thank you!

Friday Twitter Tree

Having problems with Twitter - won’t let me send any tweets!
Anyone else having a problem? Will try again later or in the morning.

Twitter been wonky

Pam, Twitter's been off and on wonky for over an hour now. Sometimes you can tweet/RT, sometimes you can't. Hope it goes back to normal soon.

Twitter Tree

Glad it wasn’t just me. Turned off my computer for a while, now everything seems fine - for now!!

Problem with tweets.

Girls I don't know what's happening. But none of the tweets scheduled have gone through.
Will try doing them in another way!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyone else having problems???

Twitter said something is wrong and they will fix it.

Maybe they got hacked???

Twitter has been acting wonky

Roxanne, Twitter has been acting wonky on and off for over an hour now. It happens sometimes. I don't think they were hacked. My scheduled tweets are going through just fine . . . for now.


I'll try again.
I had all of the scheduled and none went through.

Had several

Had several this afternoon scheduled that didn't go through. Had to reschedule them.

Thanks so much, Catherine!

Happy Friday! Here are mine:

What is more beautiful than the color of amethyst?  These handmade amethyst purple lampwork earrings feature my artisan lampwork beads and sterling silver via @covergirlbeads #SDFTT #LampworkEarrings #PurpleEarrings

Royal violet purple swirls handmade lampwork glass beads via @covergirlbeads #SDFTT #HandmadeLampworkBeads #LampworkGlassBeads

Twitter Tree

Here are mine:

Shop handmade for #Halloween with talented artisans @lindab142 #SDFTT (promoting again)
Please repin

Looking for a #Scorpio Birthday Gift? Here's a topaz, dragonfly and hope charm Zodiac #bracelet for November Birthdays via @Etsy @lindab142 There's only 1 so you know it's an original #sdftt

Thanks for sharing everyone!

For Friday

Dumortierite Coral Pearl Necklace Red White Blue USA Christmas Moving Hanukkah Holiday Sale From RivendellRockJewelry #Etsy #SDFTT

USA FLAG Red Coral White Howlite Blue Dumortierite Christmas Moving Hanukkah Holiday Sale From RivendellRockJewelry #Etsy #SDFTT


Sorry, still won't let me send..........they are lined up - unsent in tweetdeck and keeps saying unknown error......
Twitter said - they are aware and FIXING the problem.

I'll try to make work in the morning.....

Roxanne - that the same

Roxanne - that the same response I was getting - unknown error - it helped turning off my computer for about 1 hr - now seems to be working. Good luck!


CBN & CBS both reported twitter had a major outage on Thursday.
I still can't do...will hopefully do in the morning.


Am using Hootsuite and am having no problems once Twitter came back up. Hope tomorrow it works for you, Roxanne. And for us all.


To here. Looks like its working for me this morning.
Nothing like double work.........none of my last night ones went through.

Yay to Friday

Good morning,

Here are mine for this hot and muggy Friday

There's no reason to have a boring bulletin board with my handmade kaleidoscope #pushpins to brighten up every note. Set of 6 pink green and yellow bright colors Great grad gifts, housewarming gifts or stocking stuffers #sdftt #thumbtacks

Need a blue accent in your kitchen, dorm or office? Pretty blue flowers and dots handmade #pushpins make a difference on your cork board. Set of 6 Easy to clean and durable. Great grad, housewarming and stocking stuffer gifts. #sdftt #officedecor

Have a great weekend

See you at noon for Week 5 of the Countdown to Christmas

Julie and Harry

Friday Tweets: HALLOWEEN Felt

Friday Tweets:

HALLOWEEN Felt Candle Mat Table Topper via @Etsy @clairemdesigns2 #SDFTT

Die Cut PUMPKINS and Black Crow Set of 24 via @Etsy @clairemdesigns2 #SDFTT

For Jacki

Here are two for Jacki:

Fun #Bunny Pouch Cell phone bottle camera cozie case holder PDF Pattern @christiecottage #sdftt #CrochetPattern

Fisherman Cable Newborn #Cocoon and Hat Set PDF Pattern @christiecottage #sdftt #CrochetPattern


Thank you

Does anyone know how Jacki is doing?

To here

And I know this is real late, but how do you schedule tweets? Sorry if that sounds silly.

How to schedule tweets.

I know two ways:
Twitter, you make your post, hover over the calendar icon with a clock on it, click it, it will show a schedule, choose what you need, and press update.
Hootsuite: for enrolling go to, they have a free version. There you can schedule posts for Twitter, Facebook, not sure for Instagram. The free version allows you to schedule 30 times, I guess daily.

Twitter Tree

Here are my two:

Lovely Seed Bead Bracelet, Spiral Jewelry, Bead Crochet Rope, Pink Yellow and White via @dusamae #sdftt #beaded #bracelet

Just in time for fall! Knit Scarf, Brioche Knitting, Navy and Autumn via @dusamae #sdftt #handmadegifts #fallseason

Caught up.

Caught up.

To Here

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to here

to here


Trump blocks Twitter with tweets about Biden!! This is what screwed up TWITTER

Not true.

Pam, everything I've read said the Twitter problems were due to a "planned migration that went awry," something they were tinkering on that didn't go as planned. It was worldwide, not just in the US and nothing to do with trump. Here's two articles:


The 23 items were shared on Twitter and on the Pinterest board Twitter Tree.

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