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Colorful Doors to Adventure



As long as I can remember, I have always been fascinated with unique doors, whether they are ancient, colorful or beautifully carved . . . or all three at once.  An urge to see what lays beyond the door comes over me, what adventures are beyond.  Needless to say, I have a Pinterest board dedicated to doors, gates and windows - but mostly doors seem to get pinned.  This blog post is dedicated to 15 of my most favorite, which was a very hard to choose.  I could have gone on and on.  Photographers are given credit where credit is due, but, even with a google search, I came up blank on who took many of these.  Also, if the information was given, I included where the door was found.




Progreso, Yucatán, Mexico; photo by Murray Sullivan 



Clam Cannery door, Port Townsend, Washington



Red door with painted flowers; photo by By Pat Gamwell



Door of Tavlusun, Kayseri, Turkey; photo by Ahmet Mehmetbeyoğlu



Hyderabad, Telangana, India; photo by Rajesh Pamnani



Bougainvilleas at the door in Alonissos, Greece.



Moon door, Tibet



Colorful painted doorway with birdcage and cats in Medellín, Colombia.



Santa Fe, New Mexico; photo by Photo by Fiona Katarina



McNay Art Museum - San Antonio, Texas; photo by Michael Resendez



Bouches-du-Rhône, France; photo by de Provence et d'ailleurs



Colorful door in Turkey



Green door at Fonterutoli, Tuscany, Italy; photo by neloboix 



Santa Fe, New Mexico; photo by Kayla Sawyer



Yellow door in Paros, Greece



I hope you enjoyed these selections! Think the next post about doors will be beautifully carved ones that are hundreds of years old. If you would like to make my day, please leave a comment.  And any promotion you can do will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!



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Absolutely love this!!!

I love interesting doors and portals too, Catherine, so this was a real treat! Have pinned some of the doorways, and now will share your blog post. :)

Thank you, Mary!

Am so glad you enjoyed the blog, Mary! Makes you want to explore what lies behind each, doesn't it? Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Amazing Doors!

The doors in your post are fantastic, and I'm always drawn to beautiful doors! I have three Pinterest accounts which all have way too many pins of doors, but I love them. A wonderful collection which were all so great that I couldn't even pick a favorite.

Thank you, Daphne!

Daphne, I don't think you can have too many doors pinned - LOL! Have loved interesting doors even as a child. Curiousity is piqued at what lays behind. Thank you for your comment!

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