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As a Child I Walked - Handmade Greens on Indiemade


Several weekends ago, I was driving by a second hand book store that is run by the local library.  Those that know me well know that I am an avid reader - am often at my most happiest when reading a good book with Seamus snoozing by my side.  Since the bookstore was open, the Dog Mobile swerved into the parking lot and I walked into the store.  It didn’t take me long to find a stack of books that HAD to go home with me, an eclectic mixture to be sure.  



Light Green Maple Leaf Pendant Ceramic Rust Brown Accents Handmade by Linda of LindaLandigJewelry


One of the books I bought was a book of poetry by Jewel Kilcher (better known as just Jewel) called a night without armor.  Now I am familiar with Jewel as a singer and have several of her albums, including both Christmas collections (favorites due to her crystal clear voice).  But I didn’t realize she published poetry.  In the preface, she wrote, “ . . . not all poetry lends itself to music - some thoughts need to be sung only against the silence.”  I am totally struck by that idea.  The very first poem in the book is called As a Child I Walked, a collection of words that I love, especially the last stanza.  I have been reciting the poem all day today, loving the feel of it in the mind and across the tongue.  The poem became the inspiration for today’s post.


As a Child I Walked


As a child I walked

with noisy fingers

along the hemline

of so many meadows

back home


Green fabric

stretched out

  shy earth

      shock of sky


I’d sit on logs like pulpits

listen to the sermon

of sparrows

and find god in simplicity

there amongst the dandelion

and thorn


I hope you enjoy all the handmade green creations by my artisan friends.


Transparent Sage Green Lampwork Glass Beads Handmade by Charlotte of Covergirlbeads



Gold Vermeil Wrapped Chrysoprase Pendant Green Beaded Rustic Jewelry OOAK Handmade by Gloria of Chrysalis Tribal Jewelry



African Turquoise Jasper Pebble Earrings in Antiqued Copper, Artisan Wire Jewelry Handmade by Pamela of Pebbles at My Feet



Shades of Spring Fused Dichroic Glass Jewelry Pendant in Green and Pastels Handmade by Jo of Umeboshi Jewelry Designs



Pistachio Cowl Cable Bobbles Copper Fasteners in Caron Simply Soft Yarn Handmade by Nancy of Jazz it Up with Designs by Nancy



Millefiore Green Glass Tear Drop Earrings Pierced Dangles Handmade by Jacki of Christie Cottage



Forest Dew Drops, Lampwork Beads, Copper Leaves and Gemstone Earrings Handmade by Kristi of KristiBowmanDesign 



Womens Trifold Wallet, Credit Card Holder, Checkbook Wallet, Dahlia and Aster Blossoms Floral Fabric Handmade by Donna of SewAmazin



Green Serpentine Chunky Necklace, Copper Gemstone Beaded Jewelry Handmade by Catherine of Shadow Dog Designs



I hope you enjoyed these beautiful green artisan handmade selections!  If you would like to make my day and the day of the artists featured, please leave a comment.  And any promotion you can do will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!


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Beautifully Unique Handmade Jewelry

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Favorite Color

Green is absolutely my favorite color! Once again you have chosen beautiful examples of green for your post. Thank you for including one of my necklaces!

Thank you, Gloria!

Am more than happy to have included your necklace, Gloria. Thank you for stopping by and commenting!

I love the poem

...that you shared this week. Than you so much for presenting it here along with some fabulous green handmade selections. My "humble" pebbles are so happy you included them.

Thank you, Pa

Am so glad that you love the poem, Pamela. I love it, too, so had to share . . . along with all the beautiful handmade green items. Thank you for your comment.


I love the poem that you selected. I've always called being in the woods, a "green hug". It seems so to me. Thank you for including my ceramic maple leaf pendant.

As a Child I Walked - Handmade Greens on Indiemade

That is a lovely poem and you've chosen lovely handmade items as always!! I especially love Linda's Ceramic Maple Leaf, Gloria's Chrysoprase Necklace and your Serpintine necklace is gorgeous too!! Thank you my friend for including my Forest Dew Drop Earrings!

Thank you, Kristi!

Thank you, Kristi! Am glad you like the poem. A pleasure to share your beautiful Forest Dew Drops earrings. (:

The poem is beautiful;

What a beautiful poem! I, like you did not know Jewel wrote poetry.

Green is my favorite color so I of course love all the items featured today.

Thanks for including my item!


Thank you, Jacki!

Am so glad you like the poem, Jacki. Am also glad I stumbled across Jewel's book of poetry at the used book store (: I remember you saying before that green is your favorite color. Glad to include your earrings.


I have tweeted the post and then each item individually

I love leaves. The maple leaf is wonderful... resisting!

Thanks again Catherine!

Thank you, Jacki!

Appreciate all your kind promo, Jacki! Thanks so much!

Beautiful and Thoughtful Post!

What a lovely poem by Jewel - even her name fits this blog post! :) Beautiful jewelry picks, Catherine! (Have retweeted and liked at Twitter - will pin and g+ from here.)

Thank you, Mary and Le Gonze!

What a nice surprise you stopped in, Mary. You're right about her name! Many thanks for all the promo you have done!

Thank you Catherine for

Thank you Catherine for including my Summer Flower Wallet in this post! Have pinned each selection. Happy summer sales to all!

There is something just so

There is something just so soothing about green! Thanks for including me! All items promoted on pinterest and twitter.

Lovely images all!

What a beautiful poem, so filled with beautiful images! .....And then the beautiful images of the crafts here! Thanks so much for including me in this post!

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