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Right behind earrings, bracelets are one of the most popular forms of body adornment.  The origin of the term "bracelet" is from the Greek word "brachile" meaning "of the arm."  The earliest identified bracelet was discovered in 2008 by Russian archaeologist in Denisova Cave in the Atai Mountains of Siberia.  A finger bone fragment was found along with other artifacts, including a beautiful bracelet created from polished green stone.  The items were carbon dated to around 40,000 years ago.





Blue Turquoise Blue and Gold Superduo Ruffled Beadwoven Bracelet Handmade by Kathy of KatsAllThat



In China, Africa and Egypt, bracelets have been found in archaeological excavations that date back over 7000 years ago.  Early bracelets found in Egypt and Africa were made of stones, bones and wood ties together with plant fiber.  Many that have been excavated, having survived eons, are exquisite in their artistry.  Metal bracelets began to be created during the Bronze Age (starting about 3200 B.C.), first with copper and then the alloy, bronze.  Around 2000 B.C., Chinese artists began crafting very intricate gold and jade bracelets.  Ancient Greeks (800 B.C. - 600 A.D.) wore cuffs on the upper and lower arm as decoration.  Greek soldiers sported wide leather and metal cuffs as part of their uniform and for protection, a practice which was later adapted by Roman soldiers.  Wealthy Romans were particularly fond of coiled gold bangles that resembled snakes.



Rustic Copper Bracelet with Aqua Chalcedony, Blue Flash Labradorite Beaded OOAK Jewelry Handmade by Gloria of Chysalis Tribal Jewelry



Today, bracelets are made in a variety of materials and styles, from very simple to very ornate.  Sterling silver is the most popular metal for both women and men, but industrial metals - such as silvery aluminum, grey steel, titanium and tungsten - are also popular, especially in bracelets for men.  With the growing green movement, natural materials are also in demand.  

With all that in mind, I decided to pull together a collection of handmade bracelets from artist friends to share here.  I hope you enjoy these selections. If something catches your eye, please click on the link below the photo to find out more information.



Unakite and Crystals Bracelet with Om Charm, Chaplet design, Handmade by Mary of PrettyGonzo 



Gold and Black Polymer Clay and Metal Woman's Bangle Bracelet Handmade by Julie and Blu of Blue Morning Expressions



Green, Onyx and Gold Mjuki Glass Kumihimo Beaded Braided Bracelet Handmade by Pamela of MagdaleneJewels



Multi-strand Carnelian and Orange Bead Boho Bracelet Handmade by Sharon of BlondePeachJewelry



Purple Amethyst Bracelet Multi-strand Pearls Sterling Silver Art Beads Handmade by Linda of Linda Landig Jewelry



Purple Fluorite Gemstone, Fuchsia Crystals and Sterling Boho Bracelet Handmade by Diane of dianesdangles



Tumbled Stone, Jasper and Agate Bracelet in Dark Antiqued Copper, Rustic Boho Style Handmade by Pamela of Pebbles at My Feet



Bracelet Bangle Wrap Stack Blue Sapphire Silver Glass Beaded Handmade by Nancy of Jazz it Up with Designs by Nancy



Red and Gold Seed Bead Memory Wire Boho Bracelet Handmade by Barbara of SolanaKaiDesigns 



Lemon Yellow and Tangerine Orange Vintage Czech Glass Bracelet, Swarovski Jewelry Handmade by Catherine of Shadow Dog Designs



I hope you enjoyed the "Bounty of Bracelets" selections!  If you would like to make my day and the day of the handmade artists featured, please leave a comment.  And any promotion you can do will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!



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Handmade bracelets

Thank you so much for taking the time to research the history of bracelets! Very informative. Really appreciate you including my carnelian bracelet. Off to share.

Thank you, Sharon!

It was a pleasure, Sharon. Thank you for sharing!

Look at all those Bracelets

Wow, you found some great examples of the bracelet in this post. I just love all of your choices. There are so many kinds of bracelet that it's hard to pick just one. :) Thank you for including my black and gold bangle - I think I am the LEAST colorful of the bunch! Thank you for the history lesson. I think I am going to go and make some snake bracelets since that would fit my weekend work theme! Thank you for keeping our neighborhood safe. There are some squirrels that need to be relocated if you know someone woofy and fast on his feet ...

Thank you, Julie and Blu!

Ahhhh, but yours is a very elegant bracelet with the black and gold, Julie. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. The Moose Dog says he is keeping eye out for the one squirrel who shows up in our yard to drink some water from his water bowl. He wishes he and Blu could chase some together there since there are loads more squirrels in Florida. And that Blu would probably laugh at the sorry specimen of squirrel that the one here represents (:

Wowee Kazowee!

What a GORGEOUS post, Catherine. You have chosen some mighty spectacular creations. And I have, once again, learned so much. You always write such fascinating blog posts. Sharing now!

Thank you, Barbara!

Thank you for the kind comment about the blog, Barbara, and for all the shares!

Bracelet Blog

What a pleasure to read your interesting research on the History of Bracelets. It is always nice to learn something new.
Thank you for including my Kumihimo Bracelet among the beautiful choices of Bracelets in this terrific Blog. Sharon's "Orange" Bracelet is so very "eyecatching"! Excellent choices of beautiful Bracelets from some very talented artisans!
Thanks again!

Thank you, Pamela!

Appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment, Pamela. It's always a pleasure to share such gorgeous creations such as ll of the ones in the post.

what a great collection of bracelets

I enjoyed reading about the history of bracelets/arm adornments. 40,000 years old is an impressive find. And your glorious handmade finds that illustrate the blog are impressive, too. Beautiful handiwork; thanks for including something of mine.

Thank you, Pamela!

I agree about the 40000 years old, Gloria, and you can tell the bracelet was absolutely gorgeous! Glad to include your bracelet.

Love bracelets - and this blog post!

Bracelets are such big favorites for me, and how tremendously cool to find out that Siberian women 40,000 years ago liked them too! :) (And probably the guys too!) Many thanks for including my OM charm bracelet among all these beauties. I will be sharing, you can be sure! Bracelets of treats to Chez Moosie from sweet wee Gonze!

Thank you, Mary and Le Gonze!

Isn't the Siberian bracelet a beauty, Mary! If it was whole, it would be something any woman today would love to wear. Glad to share your OM bracelet. Tasty kitty treats to the Magnificent Le Gonze.

Lovely selection of

Lovely selection of bracelets, and what an interesting history about bracelets. Enjoyed reading your article. Thank you for including my bracelet.

Thank you, Diane!

Glad you found the post interesting, Diane. Glad to include your gorgeous bracelet.

Bracelet Jewelry

Thank you so much Catherine for the post...and for including my beadwoven bracelet. So many lovely bracelets are shown here and it's an honor to be included. I will be promoting on all social sites...thank you!!

Thank you, Kathy!

It is a pleasure to have your bracelet in the post, Kathy! Many thanks for all the sharing over social media!

Lovely Bracelets

I am very much a bracelet person! Bracelets seem more personal than other jewelry perhaps? Not only color, but sports, pets, and worthy causes are commonly featured in bracelets. It is that little extra touch that shows people something about you. Thank you, Catherine, for including one of mine in this lovely assortment!!


Thank you, Gloria!

I agree about bracelets, Gloria. I was going to get into the ways bracelets are worn today, so many that you pointed out, but wanted to keep the post short and sweet. Glad to include your beauty. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

Beautiful Bracelets

I love making, as well as wearing bracelets. Thanks for including my work in this wonderful post! Sharing!

Thank you, Linda!

I love wearing bracelets, too, Linda, especially cuff, but don't enjoy making them that much - weird, isn't it? But I need to get on the ball and make some for the upcoming show season since I'm down to one, the bracelet in the post - LOL! Many thanks for sharing the post!

Wow such cool bracelets and

Wow such cool bracelets and stories! Thanks so much for including my blue speckled bracelet. All items shared on pinterest and twitter. :)

Great Post

Love the 40,000 year-old story! Bracelets have always been a passion. I find wearing one makes me feel happy. What a lovely selection of bracelets. Thanks to Gloria Ewing for posting the link to the blog.

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