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Botanical Beauties - Wonderful Handmade Wednesday on Indiemade



BOTANICAL:  pertaining to plants


Many people think that the desert is nothing but prickly plants and blowing sand.  Believe me, there are plenty of prickly plants here in the Chihuahuan Desert, and, at times, plenty of blowing sand.  But there are a whole host of other plants that bloom beautifully and are much more friendly to the skin.  The Chihuahuan Desert is termed a "cold desert" since temperatures often drop below freezing during the winter with occasional snowfall.  It is, on average, higher in altitude (El Paso is at 3800 ft / 1200 m) than the neighboring “hot” Sonoran Desert around Tucson (2643 ft / 806 m) which rarely experiences freezing temperatures.  While Tucson and Phoenix bake for several months with triple digits, summer temperatures in the Chihuahuan desert are more moderate, our hottest month being June. Triple digits, yes, but for only a few weeks.  Rainfall averages less than 10" per year, most of that coming during the monsoon season, normally July through mid-September. Amazingly, the World Wildlife Fund for Nature has indicated that the Chihuahuan Desert may be the most biologically diverse desert in the world!  Our plants just tend to be built on a smaller scale than those found in the Sonoran Desert.






White and Green Southwestern Wrapped Copper Boho Rustic Earrings Handmade by Gloria of Chrysalis Tribal Jewelry



Since the temperatures have been several degrees below average this year so far, the bloom season for many plants has been extended.  So much loveliness for the last several weeks.  To celebrate that, I decided this week’s theme for the Wonderful Handmade Wednesday on Indiemade blog post would be Botanical Beauties.  I found many different designs featuring plants from talented artist friends and want to share them with you.  I hope you enjoy these handmade Botanical Beauties.



Hand Knit Baby Booties, 6-12 months, with Green Flower and Rhinestone Button Handmade by Nancy of Nancy's Knots, Lace and More



Dahlias and Asters Floral Fabric Womens Trifold Wallet / Credit Card Holder / Checkbook Wallet Handmade by Donna of SewAmazin



Copper Magnolia Blossom Earring Components, 1 pair, Handmade by Kristi of Kristi Bowman Design



Hand Knitted Baby Girl Yellow Sleeveless Sundress / Tunic with Flower, 6-12 Months, Handmade by Cathy of CraftingMemories 



Dainty Drop Earrings with Genuine Ruby Gemstone, Ruby Zoisite and Fancy Pewter Beads Handmade by Pamela of Pebbles at My Feet



White Felt Baby Girl Shoes / Booties with Vintage Appliques Handmade by Jacki of Christie Cottage



Whispering Oak Leaf Dichroic Fused Glass Cabochon Pendant Handmade by Jo of Umeboshi Jewelry Designs



Turquoise and Pink Moroccan Pattern Boho Earrings Handmade by Linda of Linda Landig Jewelry



Rainforest Leaf Boho Earrings with Turquoise Lampwork, Red Garnet Dangles and Ruby Red Czech Glass Handmade by Catherine of Shadow Dog Designs 



I hope you have enjoyed each and every one of these handmade Botanical Beauties!  If you would like to make my day and the day of the talented artists featured, please leave a comment.  And any promotion you can do will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!



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Botanical Beauties

I always look forward to seeing your themes and what you'll choose to include. Fabulous as always. I love Gloria's and Linda's earring and of course so happy to see the earrings you made with my Copper Leaf components, just beautiful!!!

Wonderful blog Catherine!

Wonderful blog Catherine! Thanks so much for including my baby booties.

Thanks, Nancy

Wonderful selections,

Wonderful selections, Catherine. Thank you for including my dress. I enjoyed reading about the Chihuahuan Desert, it sounds like a great place to live!
Pinned and tweeted everyone.

Desert Beauty

I really enjoyed reading about your desert area and how it differs from the Sonoran Desert.
Thank you for sharing all these wonderful artisan items. I always enjoy seeing your selections.

Hope you enjoy your break.

Hope you enjoy your break. Spring on one's home turf is always inspiring. June is also warmest here, even though we can still have frosty nights until the middle of the month. Thanks for including my earrings in your botanical collection.


Wonderful post. Twitter giving me technical error, so will have to tweet tonight.
I have the pictures shared on my blog and it links back to your post.


Thank you for taking the time to share us!


Desert in Bloom

I've been lucky enough to see the Arizona desert in bloom, and it is truly magnificent! Thank you so much for including my earrings.


Everyone has been tweeted

Thanks again Catherine!



Lovely selections.

Lovely Blossoms

Thank you for including my wallet in your botanical selections! Have pinned and scheduled tweets for each one.

Hope you enjoyed your time off!

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