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Blossoms, butterflies and birds . . . what beautifully wonderful elements of summer.  Even though the dog days of summer are on us, flowers are still blooming, butterflies are still nectaring and birds are still singing and raising their families.  Today’s Wonderful Handmade Wednesday on Indiemade features a wide range of artisan creations that showcase the three B’s, each celebrating the wonder of Mother Nature.  If something catches your eye, please click the live link under the photo to be taken to the artist’s studio for more information and photos.  I hope you enjoy these Blossoms, Butterflies and Birds selections:


Soft Green Lacy Flower Baby Hat 3-6 Mos Caron Simply Soft Handmade by Nancy of Nancy's Knots, Lace and More



Blue Raven Necklace Ceramic Recycled Glass Handmade by LInda of Linda Landig Jewelry



Alexandrite and Black Webs Large Hole Lampwork Glass Bead Bracelet Charm / Slider Handmade by Charlotte of Covergirlbeads



Butterfly Arrowheads and Purple Amethyst Lampwork Earrings, Summer Jewelry Handmade by Catherine of Shadow Dog Designs



Native Inspired Bird Pendant Necklace with Colorful Wampum, Southwestern Beaded Jewelry, Handmade by Gloria of Chysalis Tribal Jewelry



Dahlia and Aster Blossoms Floral Fabric Womens Trifold Checkbook Wallet, Credit Card Holder Handmade by Donna of SewAmazin



Bohemian Boho Black, Red and White Butterfly Bib Necklace Handmade by Jacki of Christie Cottage



Soft Flower Colored Multi-Gemstone and Sterling Silver Necklace and Earrings Set Handmade by Pamela of Pebbles at My Feet



White Copper Little Owl Faces, one (1) pair, handmade by Kristi of KristiBowmanDesign



"Red Rose Garden" Fused Glass Cabochon Jewelry Earrings with Sterling Silver Handmade by Jo of Umeboshi Jewelry Designs



I hope you enjoyed these selections of blossoms, butterflies and birds!  If you would like to make my day and the day of the artists featured, please leave a comment.  And any promotion you can do will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!



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Winged Creatures

You can't help but love their grace and beauty. You are so imaginative in your themes and item choices. Thank you for including my necklace.

Summer fun!

Love all the summer-themed choices. Thank you for including my ladies' wallet in this week's blog post!
Have pinned them all - happy sales!


Lovely items featured.

I tweeted and pinned and tweeted the pin for each item and this post

Thanks Catherine!!


Blossoms, Butterflies and Birds

3 of my favorite things!! But it's difficult to pick a favorite out of this wonderful collection you've pulled together!! Gloria's necklace is wonderful, your earrings are beautiful!! I really love the Umeboshi earrings at the end and Linda's necklace and on and on! Thank you Catherine!

Beautiful the

Beautiful the theme. Thank you for including my baby hat. All items shared.

All Handmade!

I love that these wonderful things are all handmade! Well done too! Thank you so much for including my earrings!

Love your theme

I'm late to the party - but no less grateful to be included in your blossoms, butterflies and birds collection. I've been marveling this summer on how much sugar syrup little teeny hummingbirds can go through. I love watching them: we get both rufous and broadtailed hummingbirds and every now and then really teeny calliopes. On the blossoms front it's mostly rather stunted wildflowers in this dry country and my window boxes. Butterflies also visit, though how they stay aloft in South Park's constant winds is a mystery. Cheers!

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