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Cross Necklace, Vintage Brass AAA Black Onyx Handmade Jewelry Gift

Item Description

The beautifully elegant GLORIA IN DEO handmade necklace is a meaningful gift for the woman who loves wearing unique artisan cross jewelry.  The stunning, one of a kind necklace features a vintage brass cross pendant, AAA quality faceted black onyx tubes, black onyx discs and copper. The eye-catching cross pendant was artisan made in India to use for trade in Ghana and other African countries.  The cross, based on a simplified Tuareg design with graceful curved arms, is exquisitely detailed.  In the center of the glowing cross is a shiny raised dome with a mirror-like finish (which reflects many things, as you can see in the photos).  A circle of decorative raised dots surrounds the dome, and a set of two raised dots and a teardrop are found in each curved arm of the cross.  A larger dot finishes the end of each arm.  The edges are cross hatched for even more texture.  Over the course of many years, the brass has developed a darker patina in the recessed areas which highlights the raised polished areas. The back side of the cross is shiny with a “hole” where the dome is.  A smooth brass bail connects the pendant to the main body of the necklace.  
To perfectly complement the glowing brass cross, exquisite black onyx tubes were used.  The black onyx is graded AAA quality, the best.  The onyx is jet black with a high sheen polish.  Eight long facets on each tube adds sparkle to the necklace design at each movement when it’s worn.  Between each tube is a black onyx disc, separated by 3 mm copper beads.  Three discs finish the back of the necklace.  A pure copper toggle clasp set with a teardrop design securely fastens the necklace.  Carefully designed and handmade by Catherine of Shadow Dog Designs, the unique GLORIA IN DEO necklace is a perfect jewelry gift for the woman who collects and likes to wear one of a kind, artisan designed cross jewelry.  “Gloria in Deo” is Latin for “glory to God.” 

  • Vintage brass cross:  app. 70 mm x 60 mm (2.76” x 2.36”)
  • AAA quality black onyx tubes:  app. 16 mm x 8 mm (0.63” x 0.31”); long faceted
  • Black onyx discs:  app. 6 mm x 4 mm (0.24” x 0.16”)
  • Metal:  brass (cross) and copper
  • Length:  app.  18” / 45.7 cm
  • Pendant drop:  app. 2.75” / 7.0 cm

For a better understanding of the relative size of the brass cross pendant, black onyx tubes and other beads used to create the GLORIA IN DEO artisan necklace, please be sure to check out photo #3 for a size comparison with a quarter.

A cross represents Jesus' victory over sin and death, since it is believed that through his death and resurrection, he conquered death itself.  Brass is said to help develop strength of spirit. Black Onyx is believed to be a powerful protective stone and helps bring balance to mind and body; it helps the wearer approach a task with greater self confidence.  Copper is said to allow the wearer to recognize barriers in the path of personal development.     

The one of a kind GLORIA IN DEO cross necklace was carefully designed and handmade in a dog friendly, smoke free studio.  The necklace will come with two informational drop tags: one with the piece's name; the other lists the materials used in the necklace and the language of the stones and metals. It will be carefully packed in an organza jewelry bag, perfect for gift giving to a loved one . . . or to yourself!   
***  Each piece of the beautiful handmade  jewelry found in my shop is photographed outside in natural light.  Please be aware that not all computer monitors show colors exactly the same. The colors of the components used to create each piece of jewelry are extremely close to the actual color on my own monitor. They may appear lighter or darker on yours.


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