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Terracotta Red Coral Tribal Necklace, Mali Beads Handmade Jewelry Gift

Item Description

If you love wearing one of a kind, tribal inspired jewelry, the SONG OF THE KALAHARI handmade necklace is perfect for you.  The organic necklace features natural terracotta clay beads, red coral and copper. Two types of earthy terracotta beads were used in the necklace design, each bead individually handcrafted by an artist in Mali.  Nine long trumpet shaped beads that were inscribed at the wide end create a unique collar.
Separating the trumpets are small, ridged terracotta beads flanked on each side by red coral rondelles and copper beads. The colors of the natural beads, which are the same colors as the soil of the Kalahari Desert, range from a light red to a pale beige.  Since each bead was individually crafted, each one is a bit different, giving a definite boho flair to the necklace. A twisted copper toggle clasp set finishes the necklace beautifully. Carefully designed and handmade by Catherine of Shadow Dog Designs, the SONG OF THE KALAHARI tribal necklace is a perfect gift for the woman who adores wearing one of a kind artisan jewelry.  “Terracotta” means “baked earth.”

  • Terracotta trumpets:  from app. 39 mm x 14 mm (at widest) to 36 mm x 10 mm (at widest)
  • Small ridged terracotta beads:  on average, app. 5 mm x 4 mm, some a bit bigger, some a bit smaller
  • Red coral rondelles:  app. 4 mm x 3 mm, some a bit bigger, some a bit smaller
  • Metal:  copper
  • Clasp:  twisted copper toggle clasp set
  • Length:  app. 18” / 45.7 cm
  • Trumpet pendant drop:  app. 1.25” / 3.2 cm

***  For a better understanding of the relative size of the terracotta trumpets and the other elements used to create the SONG OF THE KALAHARI tribal necklace, please be sure to check out photo # 6 for a size comparison with a quarter.

Terracotta clay has been used in sacred ceremonies since ancient times, since scared statues, beads and other adornments were often made from it.  Red Coral is used to help calm life, to restore harmony in the event of an emotional conflict.  Copper is said to allow the wearer to recognize barriers in the path of personal development.

The one of a kind SONG OF THE KALAHARI necklace was carefully designed and handmade in a dog friendly, smoke free studio.  The necklace will come with two informational drop tags: one with the piece's name; the other lists the materials used in the necklace and the language of the stones and metals. It will be carefully packed in an organza jewelry bag, perfect for gift giving to a loved one . . . or to yourself!   
***Please be aware that not all computer monitors show colors exactly the same. The colors of the components used to create each piece of jewelry are extremely close to the actual color on my monitor. They may appear lighter or darker on yours.


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