Chakra Zuni Spirit Bear Necklace, Red Creek Jasper Rainbow Jewelry

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Filled with the earthy essence of the Desert Southwest and the mindfulness of yoga, the CHAKRA BEAR handmade necklace is a true jewelry beauty.  The focal of the one of a kind necklace is a hand painted copper spirit bear which is perfectly complemented by red creek jasper heishe gemstones and copper beads.  The Zuni-inspired bear pendant was artisan created from beginning to end from copper precious metal clay, an artist's clay that is saturated with tiny copper particles, an organic binder and water.  It was molded, shaped and imprinted / carved and then put in a kiln and fired at a high heat, where the binder and water were burned off, leaving pure copper. The copper pendant was given a darker patina and then polished to bring out the wavy line detailing on the bear’s body.  The “wheel” near the bear’s belly was hand painted in meaningful chakra / rainbow colors. To keep the pendant bright and beautiful for years to come, it was coated with a glossy sealant. The bear is slightly concave with the back being fairly smooth. A heavy duty copper jump ring securely fastens the chakra bear to the main body of the necklace.    
Red creek jasper heishe highlights the beauty of the spirit bear pendant.  As you can see in the photos, the natural earthy colors of the red creek jasper are breathtaking:  burnt reds, sage greens, olive greens, tans, grays and mustard yellows. The small disc shaped heishe beads were hand cut so are not all exactly the same shape and size (although they are very close), something that adds rustic appeal to the necklace design.  Copper bicone beads with small copper round beads were scattered through the heishe to keep the necklace with a sinuous flow. A patinated copper toggle clasps set securely finishes the necklace. Carefully designed and handmade by Catherine of Shadow Dog Designs, the CHAKRA BEAR necklace is a perfect gift for anyone who loves the Desert Southwest and loves the combination of yoga chakras with the symbolism of a spirit bear.

  • Copper chakra / spirit bead pendant:  app. 38 mm x 24 mm x 1.5 mm (1.5” x 0.9”); handmade by Kristi Bowman
  • Red creek jasper heishe:  app. 4 mm x 3 mm, some a bit bigger some a bit smaller
  • Metal:  copper
  • Copper bicones:  app. 3 mm
  • Clasp:  patinated copper toggle clasp set
  • Length:  app. 17.5” / 44.5 cm
  • Pendant drop:  app. 1” / 2.5 cm, including copper jump ring bail


***  For a better understanding of the relative size of the copper feather pendant and agate nuggets used to create the CHAKRA BEAR necklace, please be sure to check out photo # 6 for a size comparison with a quarter.

Zuni fetish bears symbolize courage, physical strength and leadership.  Chakras (a Sanskrit word meaning “wheel) refers to the seven energy centers in our bodies through which energy flows.  Red creek jasper is believed to bring balance and relaxation to the wearer, and, like all jaspers, is a stone of protection.  Copper is said to allow the wearer to recognize barriers in the path of personal development.   


The CHAKRA BEAR artisan necklace was carefully designed and handmade in a dog friendly, smoke free studio.  The necklace will come with two informational drop tags: one with the piece's name; the other lists the materials used in the necklace and the language of the stones and metals. It will be carefully packed in an organza jewelry bag, perfect for gift giving to a loved one . . . or to yourself!   
***Please be aware that not all computer monitors show colors exactly the same. The colors of the components used to create each piece of jewelry are extremely close to the actual color on my monitor. They may appear lighter or darker on yours.  


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