Mother's Day Countdown - Week 3


Great post!

Always so nice to see wonderful gift ideas for Mother's Day! Thanks for sharing Julie and Blu's Countdown here. :)

Thank you!

Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting, Mary! It is greatly appreciated!

Mother's Day Countdown

Awesome! thank you so much for promoting our little countdown! Blu says Seamus should come and enjoy an old bone or two with him while keeping an eye on the furry squirrels. Thank you again for helping us promote our handmade goods for Mother's Day.

Julie and Blu


We sure couldn't do the Countdown without you, Julie and Blu. Thank you for hosting it again this year. Treats to the handsome Blu from the goofus Seamus (:

The more love the better, I

The more love the better, I always say! Thanks for sharing such wonderful talents and their unique creations, Catherine. Jecca and SuZu sent tail wags and wet kisses to Seamus the Wonder Dog, and hope he gets extra treats from mom today :)


Hey, thanks for stopping by, Mary Beth! Gotta love those extra back links! The Moose Dog (Seamus) sends extra treats to your two sweeties today. And he LOVES the tail wags and especially the wet kisses!

Great ideas for Mom!

Great gift ideas for Mom/Mum!!

I agree!

I so totally agree with you, Lisa! Any Mum will love at least one thing, and probably many more from this great Countdown collection!

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