First and Foremost - Wonderful Handmade Wednesday on Indiemade - July 7, 2015


It seems this Wonderful Handmade Wednesday post snuck up on me.  Wasn't the last Handmade Wednesday post just yesterday?  This week I decided to highlight the "First and Foremost" handmade, vintage or antique item in each shop.  


"First": coming before all others in time or order; earliest


"Foremost": before anything else in rank, importance, or position; in the first place

As you can see, all of the items featured are first and foremost in beauty and skill. What a variety there is: an ancient amulet over 4000 years old to brand new jewelry and other handmade items.  I hope you enjoy all of these first and foremost beauties as much as I did sharing them here:



Purple and fuchsia key ring with a polymer clay butterfly bead, choose charm, handmade by Mary Beth of The Twisted Redhead


UFO, with three aliens in the windows, starry night glass pendant handmade by Breanna of Untamed Rose

"Twisted Rainbows" dichroic glass post earrings handmade by Jo of Umeboshi


Large hole ivory, sky blue and coral Southwest lampwork bead handmade by Charlotte of Covergirlbeads


"A Hot Night" vintage comic postcard of an old couple in night gowns getting ready for bed , pre-1907, offered by Colleen of PostcardsInTheAttic



Two colors (you pick) monkey fist key chain, add awareness charm, handmade by Nancy of Jazz it Up with Designs by Nancy


Authenticated and published Bactrian amulet, ca 4000 years old offered by Anna of Anna's Faire


Handstamped pink blossoming tree thank you greeting card handmade by Lisa of Cards by Li Be!



Bead pattern for a loom woven Creek design hat band by Carmon of Wooleycreek Tribal Jewelry


Reusable, ecofriendly tie dye doggie bone and paw print coffee cup sleeve / cold drink wrap handmade by Donna of SewAmazin



Violet and copper Czech glass 3-D peacock earrings handmade by Catherine of Shadow Dog Designs



I hope you enjoyed these selections!  If you would like to make my day and the day of the artists featured, please leave a comment.  And any promotion you can do will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!


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Amazing assortment!

Those peacocks are very appealing in texture and color and your choice of accent beads is perfect for the earrings. Thank you for including my Bactrian amulet. Sharing now.

Great post! I Love the

Great post! I Love the peacock earrings you posted! Thanks for including me.

Thanks Nancy

Wonderful variety!

What a wonderful variety of handmade creations, vintage and antiques! Thank you for including my coffee cup sleeve in your blog post, Catherine. Pinned each item. :-)

Great finds!

Thank you, for including my UFO starry night! :)

Lovely selection of handmade

Lovely selection of handmade items, will share!

First is good.

What great first impressions of the shops! I loved every one of the items. Thanks so much for including my shop and the post earrings in your blog. All pinned.

Beautiful gift ideas!

Wonderful assortment of beauties, Catherine! :)

Great Variety

That is a great variety of firsts and foremosts! Shared everywhere


First and foremost, I must say what a wonderful selection of delights to feast one's eyes on. Thank you Catherine for including my card among all these beauties.

First and Foremost!

Lovely collection of First and Foremost! Thanks!

First and Formost beautiful

First and Formost beautiful handmade finds.

Lovely Selections1

Katherine, thank you so much for your lovely blog. Sorry I am late, I was out of town. :)

Thank you!

I appreciate all the wonderful comments and the shares of this blog post. Sorry I'm not replying individually - have so much to do that I'll let this blanket "thank you" suffice.

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