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Awesome Animals - Wonderful Handmade Wednesday on Indiemade - July 1, 2015

I have to admit . . . I LOVE animals!  Dogs, horses, cats, chicken, geese, cows, pigs, birds of all types, goats and more.  Oh, and did I mention dogs?  And horses?   I was a sixth grade science teacher for a good while and had a whole slew of animals in my classroom at any one time, from African hooded rats to boa constrictors, from praying mantids to tokay geckos, from parakeets to punk rock guinea pigs and much more.  My students loved them (and cleaned their cages) . . . and I loved the wide variety of fur, scale and feathers, too.  Talk about teachable moments!

So when I was trying to decide on a theme for this week's "Wonderful Handmade Wednesday on Indiemade", I thought:  why not animals?  So that's what I settled on, handmade items that represent animals in some way, both real and fantasy.  Have to have some fantasy now and then, don't we?  Here are my picks, showing two views of each item:


Red or pink Scottish terriers wallet with pockets for credit cards, check book and money handmade by Donna of SewAmazin 



Old hand-carved jade double fish amulet necklace with jade and agate beads handmade by Anna of Anna's Faire



Bear claw cabochin tribal beaded earrings in black and white handmade by Carmon of Wooleycreek Tribal Jewelry



Bookmark for cat lover's with orange and white frosted beads and kitty face charm handmade by Mary Beth of The Twisted Redhead



Cobalt blue and greeen hand blown glass dragon handmade by Breanna of Untamed Rose



Extra soft hand knit doggie swater with hearts handmade by Nancy of Jazz it Up with Designs by Nancy



Appaloosa spotted ivory and black large hole lampwork glass slider bead handmade by Charlotte of Covergirlbeads



Set of six hand stamped cherry cobbler red butterfly blank notecards handmade by Lisa of Cards by Li Be!



Ocean inspired "jellyfish" handmade dichroic fused glass cabochon pendant handmade by Jo of Umeboshi



Petroglyph inspired hoese and spiral handmade ceramic pendant necklace with mother of pearl handmade by Catherine of Shadow Dog Designs



I hope you enjoyed the selection of amazing handmade animal items! If you would like to make my day and the day of the artists featured, please leave a comment.  And any promotion you can do will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!



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Beautiful creatures!

This is such a lovely blog! I am such an animal lover and like to fill up my life with creatures! Your horse pendant is remarkable! All pinned up and sharing now!

Thank you, Jo!

I would love to own a piece of property big enough for many different four and two legged friends (: Thank you for stopping by and commenting!


Pawesome blog post, Catherine! Thank you for including my Scottie dog fabric wallets :-)

Thank you, Donna!

Pawsome that you enjoy the post and commented, Donna Thank you!

What a fun blog theme, love

What a fun blog theme, love all the animal inspired handmade items, Sharing all around.

Thank you, Diane!

It is fun, isn't it, Diane?! Thank you for the comment and the shares!

Animal Love

Awesome blog on our animal friends! Thank you so much for including my Bear Earrings! Sharing , sharing...

Thank you, Carmon!

Those are some awesome earrings, Carmon! Thanks for the shares (:

A joyful blog!

Inspiring blog, Catherine. I enjoyed every word of it. You are certainly generous to show two views of each of these animal creations shown in your blog! Amazing designs all around. Thank you for including my jade necklace. Sharing now.

Thank you, Anna!

Am so happy you found the blog inspirational, Anna. I am inspired just by watching our goofus dog, whether asleep or at play. We can learn soooo much from the animals around us of we just sit and watch. Many thanks for the wonderful comment!


Lot of cool animal items :)

Thank you, Breanna!

I certainly agree, Breanna Your sweet dragon is so unique (:

So many great creations!

So many great creations! Gonzo gives this an enthusiastic paw's up! :)

Thank you, Mary!

Hey, Mary, am so glad that Le Gonze gave such an enthusiastic paws up. Seamus gave it many tail wags himself (:

A blog after my own heart!

You just KNOW I'm going to be all over anything that celebrates animals! Thanks for giving some love and attention to these wonderful creatures big and small. And thanks for including my kitty cat bookmark. Jecca and SuZu say "ruff ruff aaouuuuuu woof." No translation needed. Ear scratches and tummy rubs to The Handsome One.

Thank you, Mary Beth!

Me, too, Mary Beth! Glad to include your kitty bookmark (: I did my best dog talk to Seamus, telling him what Jecca and SuZu said, and he got a BIG smile on his handsome, goofus face (:

Great post! Love the theme

Great post! Love the theme with the animals! Thanks for including Sadie modeling the pet sweater!

Love this post!

Love this post of awesome animal art forms. I bet your students loved all those animals in the classroom - I would have loved to have been one of your students!

You have selected some wonderful artwork incorporating living creatures of all, real and fantasy. Thanks for including my butterfly note cards.
Lisa :)

Animals Forever!

Loved your blog about animals! How interesting to be a science teacher with animals. Bet the kids loved your class! Thanks for including my large hole lampwork slider bead.

Love all your animal inspired

Love all your animal inspired findings, Catherine. Sharing.

Love the theme!

I really like this week's theme, Catherine. And I have to say, I had never heard of a "punk rock" guinea pig! Anyhow, nicely written and full of beautiful pieces!

Love Arts and Crafts with Animals

Very nice selections of Handmade related to Animals !

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